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Genetics of Thallasemia 0

Genetics of Thallasemia


 Thalassemia is a type of inherited blood disorder that causes a reduction in the production of an oxygen carrying protein in blood cells called hemoglobin (Hb). The structure of hemoglobin is subdivided into 4...

Genetics Of Cancer Science Of Bio Genetics 0

Genetics of Cancer


 Almost all forms of cancer are caused by genetic defects whether inherited or acquired throughout life. Cancer is a genetic disease that results when genetic mutations cause the cell to alter the expression of...

Science Of Bio Genetics

Science Of Bio Genetics


 learn about genetics, genetic disorders, some facts about inherited features, understand on how genetics can become great career. Its a venture to help others. Source: Science Of Bio Genetics

Basics of Genetics


 We get to find so many varieties of species on this earth. We usually categories them as plants, animals, birds, insects and humans. Plants are still, animals can move, birds can fly, insects are...