About Me

People Know me as Roopashri Hemanth. The thought of blogging came to me long back. probably, when I was in my schools we had couple of fabulous biology teachers and some of concepts they taught us made us to feel motivated towards learning more about those. but during those time, we hardly knew about internet.

I just wished i could get much more resources which can help to get the required information.

So , the reason I started this blog was to share very good information about genetics and biotechnology. I would like to highlight the power of science when combined with genetics and biotechnology can change the world. I am trying to create awareness, and educating the people on importance of genetics. Our aim is to help people to understand the basics of genetics.

sometime back when we were working on plantations along with a friend. He conducts plantations for genetically modified bamboo species known as Bheema Bamboo. Bheema Bamboo is bio-genetically grown species which has lot advantages. This clone is thornless, sterile, fast growing and High yielding superior bamboo. total carbon accumulation every year is from 20 to 24 tons per acre in year which is equal to 73 to 88 ton of CO2. So this is just example of what Science Of biotechnology can change the world.

When people understands the reason behind some of basic questions about genetics. It helps them to live better.