About Us

We started this website with the cause of creating awareness, and educating the people on importance of genetics. Our aim is to help people to understand the basics of genetics. We will try to convey information and create awareness about genetics and its scope. We are two friends from JNV, who are working on this website. We both are very passionate about the website. We also want to make sure we provide all required information free of cost and want to reachout as many aspirants as possible.

We are from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya and we want everyone to take the help of this website. We want to motivate students to learn about genetics and also to create a carrier in genetics engineering. Science of Biogenetics is completely fascinating world. It clarifies lot of doubts and questions on genetic’s disorders. It helps everyone to understand what genetics is about. We highlight the scope of genetics and why its important for students to focus on genetics engineering.

Recently, My friend from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya family joined a cause for Greener World !!  He started a website called Support Green World. In this cause, he creates awareness about importance of greenery, fresh air, green life and plantations. He conducts plantations for genetically modified bamboo species known as Bheema Bamboo. Bheema Bamboo is bio-genetically grown species which has lot advantages. This clone is thornless, sterile, fast growing and High yielding superior bamboo. total carbon accumulation every year is from 20 to 24 tons per acre in year which is equal to 73 to 88 ton of CO2Noetic Networks is supporting Support Green World in this cause.

So this is just example of what Science Of biotechnology can change the world.

We also invite guest articles on genetics and its related topics. If any of you have also think the same way we do ? If you want to share anything on genetics ? please feel free to contacts us.